Saturday, August 15, 2009

tiny perceptions

Alamak, I've been abandoned this little blog as in not updating any interesting buffs and pictures for my readers.

Ok, I'll leave some tiny perceptions and deep thoughts of mine here before I set off to la la land.

Someone told me before that Adolf Hitler should be respectable and be admired and so I asked' Which part of him do you admired?'
Guess what... mass killing. That is gruesome and totally disastrous. I do adore Adolf Hitler for his charismatic and not his brutal way of torturing and killing those Jewish. Then, I was watching National Geographic 'Rivals of Jesus' and again, those days, the Romes killed Jewish and banned their religions. Of all races around the world, why people seems to be discriminating Jews and Israel is the outcast?

By the way, my current observation is ears. Well, don't ask me why but it just snapped out of my mind like that.

Somebody proposed to me a business idea, coffins and caskets provider or funeral planner. Wow, due to hazardous swine flu, Xiao Lang proposed this idea and it's the current opportunity.

Alright, I'm hearing plastic made sounds in the living room and the whole family is asleep. Ciao


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