Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I swear to my blog that the sky is smiling to me

Today's class is extremely boring and my classmates couldn't think of anything else to do. Besides, the attendance of both classes are poor, why?
During the second class, Nik, Nisak and I were playing with our hands, fingers and palms which is to show off of our capabilities in transforming our fingers and hands into eerie moment. Well, it was meant to scare Nisak. Haha. Gosh, Meera went back early, otherwise, we could have even more fun.

Later on, I insisted Nik to play Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' Dangerous Tour to cure the boredom. I can't believe I'm actually watching something in the class. Wow!

Later, after reaching home, I stare up to the infinite blue sky for fun??? I saw two round clouds that looks like eyes. A smile that is hardly to be seen but it's a curve anyways. It is rare to see a genuine and comical smile that's looking at me. Wonderful. That's cool to wrap up my day. No one notice this sparkling moment and I felt even special. In fact, I own the smile. YESH! Thank you!

Can you spot the differences between the bottom and the top?

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