Sunday, August 30, 2009

Human Nature: Gender discrimination

This is getting really really bad. I'm getting ignorant with the news today even though I still have the intentions to read it. Yet, it's the ill society had refrained me from reading and acknowledging it. At least, I still know who is our current PM. Najib Mongolia.

My eyes are so painful from reading those bloody articles, the finance terms are just another bombastic word to increase the 'adventure' when it's just simple definitions. These financiers has got nothing else to do when the stock market is in good condition and profitable so they come up with some complicating terms to make our life harder. I just don't understand why can't they do something charitable rather than coming up with silly terms.

I had a friend who said that I swear like a sailor. Well, that habit seems to be inappropriate, people always give me the sinful look. 'You swear, oh my god! You are a girl!' So what, being a female isn't a human? Only male has the right to be human. Fuck you. Don't you dare to say what is right or wrong. I'll tell you what is right or wrong. Women are always restricted from performing their talents, even if they have successfully done it, men will always being skeptical and refuse to accept the truth. That's because women had fought back their dignities. If you have the guts to say '*uck', 'what the fish', 'phuck' and such, please say it straight. Don't be a hypocrite which is even disgusting. For the past, women had always been judged and discrimanated for their 'wrongdoings' in the culture whereby they are required to stay at home to do those dirty work by taking care of children, finishing houseworks and so on. Meanwhile, men who come back home with another woman on hand and a beer on the other hand, which they think it's a prize possession. How shameful. Why men can enjoy their luxury entertainment while women have no rights to enjoy the wonders of the world?

This is heart breaking to see that women those days were insulted and looked down. Yet, up till these days, women still being discriminate in the working field whereby men always dominate the business world.

My faculty consists even more female than male yet male are always the one to dominate in every field.

Yet, I can't put the blame on the unfair society, there are women who chose to lead their life like those days. They aren't asking much but just want simple and easy life. Is it so hard for women just to earn respect from men?

Men are always men.

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