Monday, August 31, 2009


My mind is still stuck in this wee hours and I couldn't produce anymore words for my sweet assignments. My eyelids is about to close and I'm feeling drowsy yet I want to do things that I won't be regretting afterwards.


Preparing slides for my upcoming presentations

Scan through US's surveys

Analysing stupid charts and numbers

Get Baskin 31 Robbins for 31% discount tomorrow

Get Big Apple donuts for 50% discount in DP tomorrow

Finish all my abandon routines

Finish reading my books

Install more songs in G900

Sleep early

Ok, the reason I put sleep early is because I need to make it as a precaution for this whole week is bound to be the hectic week. Believe me, I will somehow reduce my sleeping hours just to get it all done. Hopefully. *Pray hard*. However, Bank for International Settlements is really driving me insane. I don't know which to judge and analyze, all this banks and accord are just to make it harder for us.

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