Monday, December 28, 2009

Black fingers

It happened during the finals days.

Possible 1: I'm over stress with all the finals, thus, I bite my fingers for distress. It bleed horrifyingly and applied some ointments on the finger. However, it got worst... the fingers were infested which turned black.

Possible 2: I tried tattoo a star on my hand but the ink spilled onto my fingers. It killed the mood on going with the activity.

Possible 3: I suffered from skin allergies where black sesames could kill me in seconds. Initially, I did not realize there was black sesame in my sushi. Luckily, I only had like one sesame, there goes my fingers. It got tainted by black.

Possible 4: I was helping my mum to dye her hair and the dye came off from the glove. The dye is too stubborn to come off from the hand after numerous times of washing.

Guess, Guess, Guess.

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