Thursday, December 24, 2009

My paper has over. Semester 2 has officially over.

Oh oh, I've changed my blog's title to 'MY COLORFUL ECSTASY'. There's nothing much further for you to understand anyways.

My last paper today was filled with rage. I felt as if I've got cheated by my lecturer but I manage to answer all of it. The only thing that's left to do is to pray hard for my paper to score well enough.

Typically, after exams, everyone needs some celebration for any reason. A celebration for me, Nik and Meera to bitch our finals processes.

We are the type of 'We-would-rather-spend-money-on-food' type and we had our freaking lunch for like 2 hours and an hour of dessert. As usual, we went to DP for US pizza... there's one outlet near our campus but because of our beloved ZEN and my lemon meringue pie which I'm craving for so much, explained that why we settle for lunch in DP.

Ok, if there's anyone wants to argue with me about pizzas outlet's preference, Pizza Hut sucks okay. The pizzas got little toppings and oily. Besides, the pizza is already made and frozen, which explains why the staffs are able to announce the time of serving upon orders, they only need to heat it up!

Sorry, no food photos. It's cliche. But the poses with our foods photos, might be (if Nik is willing to send me those photos).

An hour for dessert in ZEN, my lemon meringue pie.... oh what the fuck. Never had it and I came all the way with traffic jams... they told me lemon meringue pie is out!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the only thing I wanna have. Gosh it sucks. So, I finally browse the menu for minutes to reorder and I settled down with Summer Berry Chocolate or whatever it is. I can get a chocolate cake anywhere and put my own strawberry yogurt toppings.

Gosh, why did I order that??? It tasted normal, Black forest taste better. Okay, I don't mean to be mean but I go all the way clogging with the traffic jams (Christmas Eve) just to have my lemon meringue pie. It sucks. Nik and Meera got what they wanted but.. sad case.

3pm... still early and then I don't know who came up with the idea of going to the beach. Melaka's beach.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Don't get me wrong, Melaka's beaches seems to be have eroded and it's gone ever since... God knows.

Still, we have to rest in Meera's house for a while and surprise, surprise, she owned a sugar glider for a pet. I'm ticklish towards rodents but I don't discriminate it. It's cute and I kept hearing Meera complaining how cheeky and naughty her Momo is. Momo is such a cute name, it means pink in Japanese. But, I swear her sugar glider is not pink in color. Google if you're curious. Then, we this and that.. finally, departing to the 'beach'.

Yeah, Meera led the way and we're there merely 5 minutes. C'mon it's near to the Eye on Malaysia. Instead, we settled down at the rocks a.k.a. seaside. There's a stone gated area where the luxurious yachts are parked. Who cares. So, people are fishing, dating, cuddling, kissing and eating durians. It looks breathless and touching moment, luckily the weather is by our side. Cool and not so heavy drizzle. The endless horizontal line filled with ships had made us stayed even longer. It's really ... distressing. Next time, we might try tapau McD and eat there, in condition, cool weather like today. We complaint so much on Singapore kia. hoho

That's it.

I don't celebrate it but I would like to wish those who are celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Happy Holidays.

These videos are 10 times funny. 10 times you watch, 10 times you are gonna laugh so hard.

Watch the original before you watch the remix version. I must say that DJ is really creative by turning it into a song. Halfway through out my paper today, I couldn't help but to laugh inside like hell.


The remix version.

INTERSTELLA 555 HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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