Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm not a Christian so please don't wish me Merry Christmas. :)

I'm not gonna complain about how today is so improper. Is it the correct term, improper? Whatever it is, bad luck. Nope, I ain't gonna complain about it.

I vow not to touch my games until my finals are over, which ends on Christmas Eve. I don't celebrate Christmas so please don't wish me Merry Christmas.

Sometimes, I wonder if the real world appreciates effort or they would rather appreciate sweet mouth people?
I've seen how one's effort had been washed down to the drain just like that. Despite the time, energy and spirit were invested in accomplishing their tasks, yet they did not deserve what they are suppose to receive.
On the other hand, the kissing ass people, receive the bonus and rewards with merely using their mouth and super brain by sweet talking to the higher authorities.
That's the short cut to a short run success.
What if the rewards and good things never falls on the effort that they've planted in?

All in all, work smartly these days.


SJ said...

sometimes we're just not appreciated

A smile from SJ =)

VanillaSeven said...

Wish you a happy holiday then :)

[Tze-Senz]™ said...

you are wrong. festivals are for all, we live in malaysia. if not, government buat public holiday buat apa ??

瑜颖 said...

I would like to celebrate if I understand the true meaning of the celebration. Sadly, I have yet to discover the true meaning. I might be pessimist but... from what I've known... the media has manipulate the brains of everyone with PARTY, SEX and BOOZE.

[Tze-Senz]™ said...

u can choose not to kene manipulate, just enjoy every day offs, be it hari raya or christmas, u r a malaysian. u r entitled to these public holidays. if not, dont call urself a malaysian n giv the IC back to government lor

瑜颖 said...

Which is why I insist greetings like HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Unless, if I found or anyone enlighten me the meaning of the celebration.