Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twilight: Stupid Perfection Romance Story. Too 'Perfect'.

OMFG, I just finished watching New Moon and so I was right. Bella is a stupid girl except she's not acting like a bimbo. *sigh* I'm now considering whether to continue getting Stephenie Meyer's books. Ya know Jacob and Bella can be a good pair but Stephenie Meyer wanted guys like Byronic heroes (Edward Cullen for example) in her dreams. I didn't realize Taylor Lautner has a cleft on his chin until Kelly told me. Hahaha... and no cause I don't root for Jacob because of his cleft. Again, Bella is a stupid girl and Edward is starting to tick me off, that's all. Read the links I posted then you shall understand why I ticked off.

I still got Midnight Sun's draft where it's Edward's monologue. *Pfft*

Here are some proofs and articles to make you laugh on shitty Twilight.

Urban Dictionary: Bella Swan Definitions

Stupid Creation of Stupid Bella and Stupid Jeep

Ok, seriously, the first link, I find it hilarious. Every sentence made me laughed and even harder. The rest are just fine.

Here's Taylor Lautner on SNL. Remember how much I love SNL portraits???

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