Friday, December 4, 2009

And tonight's a good good night!

'I gotta feeling, that tonight's a good night'. ~ Black Eyed Peas.

Cool weather, wind was stroking and cuddling my hair.
I felt so glad and happy.

I had so much for fun during the day and night.

During the late evening, I went to Nic's house to do some posting thingy which I can't reveal until I see evidence.

So, all the hustle and bustle was just making us even pissed off. Fortunately, we made it. In the car, we had so much of talk until my brain stop processing when it comes to division. Then, we settled down to Secret Recipe in JJ for a drink. Chit chat till the time has lost. The radio had aired 'Sweet Dreams' for so many bloody times. Well, sweet dreams tonight.

Finally, I went for my presentation, the one and only for this semester which is so fucking awesome. Probably I was fucking high.

I wanna thank to all of my teammates for making this a success. Seriously, they are so cooperative enough to ask me questions which I think its necessary.

You see, our lecturer has restricted the participation of each members for presentation. So, I chose to be the QnA session and let Nik be the presenter. I believe she has better charisma. Indeed.

All of them did very well.

Best part, I wasn't shivering or shaking for stage frights anymore. That's something I'm proud of. Another best part was answering the QnA session which is what I'm expecting for. Plus, I had the tingling sense of 'everyone's best friend' shall bombard us with ridiculous questions. It came true. 'Everyone's Best Friend' was appointed to bombard us questions and the best part was a friend of mine gave us a thumbs up upon hearing the name. Well, I'm happy to take the challenge which I did answered their questions very well.

Overall, I love my presentation tonight. It felt so good but I couldn't remember if there's a loud cheer for us. But my ecstatic emotions had been showing gleefully.

Anyways, that's all. MnA is officially OVER.

Wondering if I can make it for the upcoming Christmas celebration in Portuguese Settlement.

Pictures below are taken due to the fun of eating twister fries. Weee... I met Berry and SC there too.


boey said...

ahax...shud call me snap ur high pics during presentation oso ma...ahax...

Dani- Elle said...

its my over reaction ecstatic emotions... u should take the serious face. i was laughing all the time siot.

boey said...

exactly...u was laughing most o the time...but the part i like most is when u ans the Q&A part...darn...ur fast in tembak-ing!hahaha...without a doubt!gud 4 u

boey said...

you were*

SJ said...

fries are nice to play with.

A smile from SJ =)

Dani- Elle said...

Boey: Thanks. Luckily, they asked simple questions. :)

SJ: Getting creative with food!