Monday, December 14, 2009

White elephant, I didn't see that coming. Potong stim betul.

Today is a short day that begins with a long long story. Long enough to make me feel emotionless anymore. I wouldn't claim it as bad luck but rather it's meant for it.

This morning my _l_ got stung by a wasp or bee, I am unsure of it. Luckily, mum called and I asked her if there's anything to get rid of the swollen, use my saliva to the swollen area. Ok.. that's old wive tales but the finger is fine now. Amazingly, it got recovered within 4 hours. Thoughts came by, what if a radioactive wasp stung me and when I go to sleep tonight, I might turn into... something like Spiderman except.. I'm WaspWoman. Well, anything could happen. Superhero comes alive. Haha.

Another part of this day is my teamwork project that looks sophisticated with flaws. Oh boy, that ruined my day. All my plans failed to realize and I've got no more energy to whine and fret. Whatever I did was like a white elephant. I knew it. Bad day has come and I hopefully it's just a short phase. I hadn't even step into the comfort zone. Potong stim betul. More of like Donkey Jobs for me, bah, should've pray to Donkey God to bless me with free donkey jobs.

The much anticipate largest Jusco in Malaysia had finally rose to fame before it's officially open. Fame for the bad reason. It begins with an explosion in the noon that tragically killed one Chinese man and 16 people were seriously hurt. Big News for everyone and my FB news feed is filled with links and articles on that news. Supposing to be officially open on the 17th of this month but I guess it'll be extended for months for inspection. Police suspect of gas leak, let's just hope that's true.

I saw something that I didn't expect it to happen. Sadly it's true.


SJ said...

wow..that's a cute white elephant

A smile from SJ =)

VanillaSeven said...

Glad you never turned into Waspwoman, or else we won't see you blogging anymore. You are out there fighting crime :D