Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drop me concerns coz I'm depress

My brain is a bit cuckoo today.

I purposely took a long walk under the hot sun. Girls were busy opening the umbrellas and guys were non stop complaining about the heat. Me, I was nuts, walking under the scorching hot sun without umbrella, sunblock and whine. To be precise, walking like a zombie. So many thoughts and scenes trespassed my brain and my thoughts are all absurd. It's not about sobering some stupid man but just couldn't understand what made me feel depressed at the first place. Stress? I walked around to relieve the depress.

What can I do to feel special?

Please drop me concerns in my comment box. I would love it and appreciate it.

Danielle is depress today. It had prolonged ever since last night.


T_yEN said...

Gambateh my dear!!!
After this exam will be free!!!
think it in the right side~~
depress will only make you no mood to do be happy ya~~
good luck and all the best in your final!!

VanillaSeven said...

You are definitely better than those sissy bunch of guys :) You are special, you beat them all!

When you are at the rock bottom of your life, cheer up. Because the only way left is UP!

...Yee Lin... said...

Cheer up Danielle!
Exam is only part of life, don't let it pull u down.

I am sure you can do well in the exam. No worries. Just relax your mind when you feel depress.

Gambatte. ^^

Jon said...

haha why la emo ...

Dani- Elle said...

Thank you people.
I appreciate those concerns.
You made me smiled