Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm a stalker but I respect each individuals' privacy.

Like I said, I'll start my studies tomorrow and right now, I'm suppose to go to bed early. Instead, I'm just too freaking bored to keep my profession in the closet. Guess what I'm doing?

I might sound pervert but I don't go to the extent of lunatic that scare the shits out of everyone.
Stalker is on board.

*Frown your eyebrows and start running the brain*

Well, yeah. Stalker in FB. Urm.. but stalking friends and friends' friends and hot guys??? Haha

If you want to call it keeping update, I would rather call it stalking. The reason with me is because... ask myself why am I being an anti- socialist.

Most of the people I know are in a relationship and some just gave into relationship. Indirectly, I lost, you happy now!

Some had broken up but unexpectedly got into relationship so fast.

Some are in a relationship but wouldn't want to reveal it.

Some are single. I'm not trying to be mean but posting up your status (relationship thingy) feels like kinda desperado.

Some relationship status are designated for fun like.. putting their friends' name as the children??? or tagging their same sex friends in the relationship status when they are straight.

Some are complicated... shouldn't that be called as 'Attached'? Complicated is just.. too complicated. Me don't understand.

Some of my long lost friends had changed for good but attitudes, God knows.

Some friends that I-don't- really know- them- well- but- I- pretty-much- sure- they- exist, such as the top notch class students back in high school.

Some profile pictures looks good, some don't change, some stay the same.

My cousin had not approve my friend request.

Then, I came stumbling upon their blogs which they posted their links in their profile.

Some are nice and artistic.

Some are just typical boring blog with their oh-i-had-so-much-fun-outing-with-friends and then they have their food photos as well.

Some blogs had not been updated since year 2007.

Some had nice skin for their blogs.

Some had nice profile pictures in their blogs.

Some has the juiciest gossips. *Winks*

Alright, I'm still stalking while blogging and I know I'm pretty good in multitasking for the wrong reasons. For some reason, I wonder how the chemistry of love works and how they deal with on-off relationships with multiple partners.

After stalking, I don't think I need to go and pop out the chat and insert such question,
"Hello, how are you?"
"Fine fine. What about you?"
*Silent pause
"So, are you still working or studying?"
"Studying. What about you?" (Most of them I know are studying)
"Same. What are you studying?"
"*engineering la, accounting la, economics la, terrorist la, bomb maker la, housewife la*"
"oh, I see"

*From there onwards, pause for a long moment and the pause never recover. It always happen and this shit has made me tired. It's so awkward anyways.
Again, ask myself for being anti- socialist. I can create some topics if I want to but I'm just sick and tired of the hypocrisy out there. But with the help of FB's photo albums that everyone is always keen to upload and update, I can just know how well they are doing.
I know which male is a buaya darat a.k.a. playboy and which female is a playgirl.
I know who is bisexual and homosexual.
I know which couple look compatible and which is not.
I know who is popular. *Judging by the numbers of their friends and gender
I know who is a pure soul with angelic looks.
I know who is a spoil brat.
I know who is evil.
I know who is bimbo.
I know who is smart ass.
I know who is a makeup freak.
I know who is courting who.

Basically, I know who is who. Simple, I only add friends I know and some are just for the sake of the games that I'm playing. Flirting is just not my cup of tea and not the right time yet, let's get straightforward until you're serious.

All in all, no hot guys in my FB and it sucks.

Okies, I'm done with stalking but don't worry, I don't give away people's privacy as I respect each of individuals' privacy unless you got on to my nerves. That's when I tell you to go to hell, aight. Privacy, to me, it matters the most.
By the time I finish blogging, I would want to settle down for Stephen Chow's movies. Adios.


Jerine said...

I don't have hot guys on my FB too. LOL. But I stalk people on their blog. Hehehe...

VanillaSeven said...

FB is mean for stalking. Directly or indirectly. If you feel bad about how your life is now, good. Mean that you are not comfortable at where you are. The soonest you get out of there, the better.
Do make effort to reach out to other people. Some might accept, some might not. Nurture the friendship with those who received you as who you are.

Woman same as flower, and man like a bee.
What does flower do? just stay pretty and smells good, and soon the bee will come by itself.

How beautiful this life can be, its only limited in our mind. Set it free.

Hope I am not bored you with my comment. Have a great happy holiday! :)

瑜颖 said...

Jerine: Stalking too huh...

VanillaSeven: thanks for comforting and you're always welcome to comment.