Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ma news

I'm officially disappointed towards Tiger Woods, the ultimate richest athlete in the world., with the good man look. I'm so sorry for his wife and kids. Hence, my theory is a BINGO! 'The more the men's wealth increase, the more mistresses he owns'. I knew it!!!

Grammy Awards are around the corner and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so double, triple, quadruple or quintuple huge shock for me. Blame it on the radio if you've never heard of it, except Light and Easy fm. Jason Mraz, "Make It Mine" and John Legend, "This Time" are nominated in the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. See the nomination category clearly. Woohoo!!! I'm so rooting for them. Those songs are the underrated excellent songs. Why is Taylor Swift got nominated in every category??? That's not fair. Doesn't mean she got laser by Kanye, everybody sympathize her??? Nope... not fair at all. Overrated.

To my dear people, if you want to watch Russell Peters, kindly notify me for the videos. I'm so glad to share Russell Peters with everyone. I love telling people about Russell Peters and if he ever come to M'sia, I will be the first one to get the tickets!!! 'Confucius say: You go to jail... Bad Boy!'

I've seen the results of groups for each country in the 2010 World Cup, South Africa. Being a big supporter to Portugal, I can't believe that Portugal is in the same group with Brazil. Oh shoots, I don't know what kind of emotions I should display during the game. Arrgh... its either they are going to make it or else... balik kampung. No!!!!

I miss the routine of singing songs to XX especially the 'I Love You' song.

My home has 2+1 retards. The 2 are the actions retards and the 1 is the expression retard.

PlayStation One and Three all night long!


Jerine said...

ooohhh...i love your blog header.

SJ said...

TG...real saddening...

A smile from SJ =)

Dani- Elle said...

Jerine: thanks but thinking of changing it soon.

SJ: I guess SPM has officially over huh. TG is real sad case

Jerine said...

why? i think it's nice.

Dani- Elle said...

Jerine: that's cos.. it's time to change. been there for a year now. i think. :). anyways, thanks.