Sunday, December 6, 2009

I sucked at games

This morning, I looked at the newspaper's headline, World Cup 2010: Killer Group or Suicidal Group which consists of Portugal, Korea, Brazil and Ivory Coast. All these teams... I'm just so reluctant to comment on them.

Last night, I couldn't sleep aight, I headed to the second living room, switched on the lights, tv and PSOne. I wanted to play game so much before I sleep and as I was browsing through my brother's CD games collection, I finally picked the 'Striker 1945'. Some shooting air plane game back during the WWII

They have so many awesome planes. Names with Flying Pancake, Hayate, Mosquito, Focke Wolf (Fuck Wolf, lol) and more and as usual, I select my favorite air fighter, Shinden which shoots with bold and purple bullets or whatever is it. Back long time ago, I wasn't a good gamer and I'm also a poor shooter. Now, it still stays the same.

Ok, so I was playing and shooting the cheap motherfuckers happily, suddenly, a whole swarm of orange bullets aiming at my plane and I've got nowhere to evade. So, my plane destroyed... I only entered the round for like 15 seconds. Then, each 30 seconds my plane got shot and at one time I was so frustrated, I was hallucinating that the game was interacting with me and giving me this _l_ and 'DO YOU EVEN HAVE HANDS?'

Till now, I've not finished all the 8 short rounds. Seriously, I need to get my eyes check up in terms of spotting orange colors. Such a loser. :D Initially, I thought of playing Megaman X6 but I was thinking of practicing my fingers' reactions so I played Striker. Now, it proves I don't have that game pro attributes in my DNA. Pro gamers out there, you've got KUDOS from me.

I wouldn't want to comment on the bastard anymore. If that bastard is giving up on himself, screw himself then.

Last night, my bro got my revenge on the fucker by reporting abusive in photos. He taught me!

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