Monday, December 14, 2009

To be ashame or not, you gotta see me to drop some comments.

After listening to those acoustic versions of Make It Mine, I've been rhyming non stop especially the previous video I shared, the last video. That video is magical and it's still magical to me.
The weekends, I expected something flaming red but it's all bullshit.
Gotta do double work this time round. So called flaming red.
Time wasted. I'm ashamed of it although mum had claimed it's just right. Eeeks.

Tiger Woods gonna have indefinite vacation to retain his image. His infidelity with 10++ mistresses... and they are all trashy women. Whatever it is, as long as he play good games... in the golf course. I'm still puzzling over his secrecy duration, how can he keep it for so long?

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SJ said...

love her fire hair

A smile from SJ =)