Friday, December 11, 2009

Whine this late night

I'm supposing to hurry up and finish the assignment that's due tonight. Feeling so tensed cause so many parts had gone missing and I need to assemble, read and redo. Oh FML, I've to endure the toe that's itching which I've to resist myself from scratching. My eyelids are 1/2 close and my brain is processing. I hadn't brush my teeth and put on retainers. Dad had just told me not to sleep too late. What I'm going through is a bullshit. I hadn't even had a peaceful game today.


I'll just tell myself, It's just a short phase, the bad time will be over soon. soon~

If only there's no more donkey jobs for me.

I'm almost done with my whining and tomorrow is another day for me to crack my head.

Before that, I need to confess, I just can't stand people who speaks the slang of ah bengs and ah lians although I'm speaking like one. So much for hypocrisy.

1 comment:

SJ said...

aww don worry you wont crack you head

A smile from SJ =)