Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Simple mind

Currently, I own a simple mind which comes with three things. Three things I think.

My books

My games and laughs

My music

This is to prevent the extension of unnecessary thoughts and worries. Ever since I discovered the truth of Mars, I decided to clear thoughts for now. I love myself even more right now. It's still not the perfect time to expand certain links, it only bring troubles and shit chaos to me. For sure, I don't receive any benefits. I live my life and no one is gonna lead me unless you're right.

Still, I've met all kinds of people (up till date) but the right ones... they are always just... unlucky. I sympathize and sorry for them.

I've got this message for girls which sometimes I felt it's either too early, desperate or hopeless for them when it comes to love.
The other day I was watching Oprah show and there's this author comments on his book, about men and women.
Girls, you see... if the men fell in love with you, he'll definitely have plans for you. PLANS FOR YOU. You get what I mean? Living together and growing old together. He doesn't care if you have great eccentric and hyper mega tetra huge big important plans for yourself. He had already planned for you. That's the guy.
Hence, if your man is uncertain or plan-less about both of your future, I say kick his ass and dump him. He's worthless and you're gonna suffer for a LONG LONG term. Don't ever use the proverb 'Love is Blind' in this situation. You die first. Use that proverb in the appropriate situation please.

If you think the advice above is crappy, well, whatever that makes you happy.

I'm out for my simple mind.

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