Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bastardly Bastard. I felt so low self esteem TODAY.

These days, there's this bastard seems to have reasons for whatever his wrongdoings. No apologies. No gratitudes. So bastardly bastard.

I just feel like punching him in the face with that 'innocent' smile.

On top of that, a tight of slap for being ignorant.

Inconsiderate towards people's feelings.

I cursed so much on him.

It was just a mere of sympathy which I believe he's still asleep in his fantasy.

So, I thought of giving him a wake up call on his behavior but I drop the intentions. He's not my boyfriend so I care less anymore. Just a piece of junk. Besides, what's my position and his circle is as big as the Malaysia's map. Well, I was trying to be a friend, too bad. I wish him good luck la. Just don't fall into his own booby trap. If he fell into it, I'll be laughing in my heart so hard that my heart needs to stop pumping for 0.001second.

I'm so tired and my heart feels like collapsing. It's so bothering me that I sounded fucked up. This morning, I was feeling all low self esteem suddenly and needed a punching bag so much. Insufficient sleep and bastards are giving me hella problems. Today is so fuck my life day except McD lunch with Nik and Meera.

Right now, I want a personal time of my own. So, if anyone is asking me to complete shit assignments, I quit. Temporarily. Please let me have my personal time to fall in love with PlayStation One again. Please. I beg you to have mercy on me.


Anonymous said...

wow!...go girl!

Dani- Elle said...

Which part are you encouraging actually?

Anonymous said...

the part tat u wanna giv tight slap and all comments bout the bastard la...

Dani- Elle said...

I think i know who are you... hmm. hahaha