Monday, December 21, 2009

I miss blogging but this is a messy post. I'm so tired (physically).

This is gonna be a long post of my random messy thoughts. I miss blogging.

Ever since last week, the rain had been pouring down heavily, I was shivering every night due to the coldness that's beyond the words. Even, Genting Highlands ain't that cold.

I've got one more paper to settle down on Christmas Eve which I hope there's lemon meringue pie left for me in Zen. 2 killer subjects had gone.

What's the messed up part? Today's paper was speechless, I just don't understand how my brain works at all. Whatever goes into my brain, it does make sure it comes out from the other part of the brain. In conclusion, study= no study at all. What do you expect me to do with all these bombastic and high end computer terms. I'm not an IT geek. *sigh*. I even forgo my trip to Tangkak that eventually so many fun road trips and good foodies with my relatives, just to study these shit computer terms. Apparently, those terms did not circling round my memory, it just 'POOF'. Honestly, I hope my scarification worth. Wait, this is not the end of my finals, I still got one more paper to go. I'll start tomorrow, I can't help but to feel sleepy. I'm lack of sleep though I didn't really stay up late night, 2am.

But, four days after my finals, I'm going to depart to Singapore with my cousins and Kelly and then celebrate XX birthday in Tangkak. Singapore only ma.. yea I know it's not that impressive but a luxury travel ain't that bad.

Upcoming holidays, a month I think. Let's see, CNY is coming so I got spring cleaning to do, shopping for CNY stuff, my FYP, movies and... let's just say I want to spend my holidays to the fullest. Interstella 5555 is awaiting for me.

Lately, I've found a website for me to distress which is awing at all those 'impossible!-But-they-made-it' houses. So chic and high end to the max. I can't believe I still have the awe silent feeling just like when I was a child. The houses are stunning incredibly beautiful. I don't know how much they worth but I know it's a price that comes with 7-10 zeros. Spot for dornob link in my blog.

I wanna express gratitude to Nik, Nisak and Meera for making this semester with laughs on things that we bitch and bullshit. Thank you.

I also want to thank the bastard for making me 'happy', yeah right. I couldn't be more 'happier'. Donkey all the way! Speaking of that bastard, I do really concern about his behaviors, it's just that...

Much anticipating winter solstice celebration had arrived and tomorrow shall mark the countdown to the CNY. I can't wait for CNY! Fireworks, firecrackers, illegal gambling, mahjong, grand dinner, road trip to the rural area, bird nests (free!) and so lot more. Never underestimate rural areas, they can be cool just like the urban city if you're not a spoil brat.

Oh yeah, I had rolled all the dough into tiny round balls, green red and white. It took me three hours to roll them but with Russell Peters, the doughs finish faster than I thought. I roll them all by myself and they comes in different shapes and sizes. Tang Yuan should be complement with ginger soup and peanuts! The green color extract from Pandan juice... haha.. I blended the leaves to get the essence and color. Cool right?

Due to the excessive rain these days, I gotta confess, I miss gardening in my mum's tiny garden near the big drain. I love to pick up soils with my bare hands.

I've been humming 'Something about Us'- Daft Punk for whole day and the lyrics are just so bloody emotional.

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