Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wake up Everyone

This song has been my alarm every morning and I'm never sick and tired of it. It's a beautiful, adventurous and quirky piece. It begins with 'Wake up Everyone'. Guess it?

Well, it's Jason Mraz- Make it Mine.

Recently, I've found some covers of this song, ridiculously amazing and creative. That's the last video, you gotta scroll down. I save the best for the last.

The first video was covered by an Indonesian whom I think had participated in Indonesia Idol 2006. I was stunned by his remarkable voice.

The second video, he had played it well and I've got my hands down.

The third video, it's a tutorial for guitar lessons on the song. *Hint: If there's anyone would like to play this song for me, please learn. For my birthday pun jadi. :D

This is the one that I save it for the last. The best thing about this video is... you gotta watch it yourself. I got touched by their simple instruments that makes it magical.

Next up, I'll probably explore David Guetta, Daft Punk (even more), Hadouken and maybe Bjork (that sick woman).


Toothfairy said...

sometimes the covers are the best! the last one is great..


SJ said...

love tat song

A smile from SJ =)