Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The worst painter of my life!

Currently, my world is 'colorful' but ugly colorful as I found the worst painter in my whole life. Let it be the memories throughout the life and smile at the stupid colors that was once painted.

Well, it's nonetheless the He-Bitch. Beware. I finally found out who I can find and be called He-Bitch or sHE- Bitch. He is so obnoxious till everyone around him begin to despise him. Despite that all this while he showed disrespect and 'openness' behind one's back. That's what only cowards do and I hate the fact that he loves to claim credits. I am not claiming that I love to claim credits, in fact, I find it shameful. However, the way he claims credits as though everyone is invisible. He constantly step us terribly with all his thorny words. Somehow, I don't really care anymore whatever he said. Let the karma do the work.

I had shouted back at him. Shouted huh? Yup. I scolded back with few words as spitting out more words is actually kind of wasting my time. That 'small people' did not interfere my original personality after all. Eventually, he spreaded his words all around to other people even to my closest ones. Yet, he still thinks I'm stupid. He misuse them just to get me informed. I felt insulted and disrespect by his acts. Well, I have to play dumb just to hide the real identity. I know all his strategies to get me down but sorry to say, he failed. I don't care. The fire in me did not put out by all his apologization and I only forgive for one matter.

Talking behind my back and putting the blame on others, now, my dear audiences, is that an act of a coward? My POV is YES. I can confront with all the hates and loves of words and sHE- Bitch decided to use the backstabbing way. Thank goodness I have my closest ones to back me up. Thanks. Every single of his words can't be trusted at all. Out of 10 words, None of them can be listened. It's fake. I felt it and he can felt it too. One thing amusing was he based on his feelings a lot and if he can use it, so do I. His sincerity is insincere and I can sense it. If he is true to a friend, he will not backstab and how funny when he kept explaining to me that he was trying to retain the friendship. Yeah right. So much for a friend. "THANK YOU VERY MUCH, PAL!"

He is the kind of person you'll never want to work for, Never. It's harsh but his words are even harsh. He is mean with his dark sides when I say he is, He really is. Don't judge him by his petite body but his evil intentions is bigger than his body. I must say, there are many people agree with me. He is not related to me so I can pissed him off. So what if the whole world are blind to see the dark side of him? As long as my closest ones understand me fully and back me up. That's all matter.

He stepped my tail and he had gone beyond the point. I won't forget who stepped my tail. Don't mess with my boiling point or else bad things are coming around yo you. Just wait and see sHE- Bitch. He can shout and yell at anyone but not me with his stupid reasons!

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