Thursday, May 28, 2009

Celebration for end of first degree year

Today mark the end of my first year of degree and hopefully that all of us did well for the year. After my very last paper, my girls and I went out for lunch-ing for a sweet celebration. YW definitely felt guilty due to the ride for Eye of Malaysia. No guilt and we are happy.

So, we headed to Melaka Raya for MG Restaurant (Moon's Garden), a vegetarian restaurant but with different concept of interior designing and menus which is quite modern.

Clockwise: YW(some tea that tasted like coffee, I'm not kidding), SL(Aloe Vera juice), Mine(Peppermint tea and I thought they have sugar in it) and SC(Mulbery leaves which she complained that it tasted sour)

While waiting for food...

YW's food came first. Some Japanese style of rice. *YW, you modeled well. LOL*

SC came in second and it's FORMOSA Mee. We laughed so hard at the name of the food.

SL's food, Cheese baked curry rice and the taste of it is delicious.

Mine. Mediteranean cheese baked pasta. Sayangnya they don't have sauce on it.

The Fork and Knife buddies

and we also have

The Chopsticks sisters

Feeding time from YW.. *clap clap*

To SC. She seems like shy shy.

To SL, so shocked to be fed by YW.

Wee... Fed by YW

This picture that you're about to see will draw you a confusion. Don't ask me why.

Candid by YW

I'm speechless

SC looks fierce when her smile isn't there.

This is how the menu looks like. The food and beverage menu are separated into two menus.

The design of the restaurant.

Originally, we wanted to continue our lunch moments with pretty and sounds-delicious desserts, however, our stomach was full so we ended up with a vow to come back for the pretty desserts.

Something unique regarding this restaurant is that it's food are healthy and delicious. Plus, it's all organic and reasonable.

To all MMU students, rock your holidays.

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