Friday, May 15, 2009

Literally, we can!

Alright, cheers or not, let's face it. Malaysia is the first country of SEA(I think) to be mushroom with swine flu case. So much for survival in SEA. According to the resources that 21-year-old student who returned from the United States on Wednesday morning is the carrier. 'Malaysia Boleh'. Final words- Take care.

Everyday when I come across to the international section of the daily newspaper that I read, there will be the tally table. There are no sports or major games (except football) yet, tally appears as though it's something to be proud when it's not. This tally is counting cases of A(H1N1) flu from all over the world. The horizontal- countries, number of cases, number of suspected cases. The vertical- countries' names. I find it quite eye catching as even diseases have tally table. Remember the SARS? They have it too but not all over the world. I find it quite handy just to look at the numbers to see which country is overtaking which country daily. The whole concept is totally vice versa from the sports tally.

Now, I guess Malaysia will have it's name to be in the table. Wow... nothing to be proud at all. It's an epidemic that's terrifying the whole world right now. Just take care.

My studies aren't progressing which I could point my fingers to... everything. Literally, EVERYTHING! I'm obnoxious, am I?

She's fire burning, fire burning the dance floor.... Somebody call 911!

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