Thursday, May 28, 2009

To my 'beloved' third parties

Here is to all the third parties who are clueless about everything,

You all better not involve before you regret! If you do not know the beginning and climax of the things that happened, please do not involve yourself into it. I dislike third parties and don't mess with my head or I shall break your head. If you have read this and ignore my notice and still wants to involve yourself, I say go ahead and be careful.

Somehow, I want to 'thank' those third parties for making my very prize possession (blog) 'famous'.

Lastly, to the sHE- Bitch, please act like a man and not twist your words front and back. You're not the only one who have brain, we know how to judge. I appreciate what you've done for YourSELF, however, you still don't deserve my respect until I truly see it. Don't make me curse you. Don't misuse your powers to come and threaten my soul for my soul will not be shatter for a cheap person like you. For months, I have suffered and you only felt it for days. I don't give a damn for a person like you, you are not worth.

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