Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fooling my crucial days which is barely a week left! Eeks!

This is so mentally sick! The days had been long gone and the real question is How to sit down and study seriously without layan-ing all the distractions around me? I hate this current situation which made me thought that I should have well- trained myself to be even more discipline. Oh boy, fooling days should be long gone yet, I just can't sit still and love those books and notes. WHY?

Previously, I can sit down and study whole day long (that's 3 days before the paper) but 6 six tough subjects to sit for in the exam is really tormenting my soul. Plus, I've barely a week left.

I really need discipline to get away from those entertainments which I can see it right in front of my eyes (including this computer right now.) This is bad, real bad and I just hope bad karma doesn't falls on me. I'll be delighted if I can actually stay away from all these baloney gadgets for a day. JUST A DAY for goodness sake. Stop whining and complaining. Get things done right away.

Right, it's late. Time for lala land.

Auf Wiedersehen
Gute Nacht
mit Liebe


chris@dotagaki said...

o dam... my final exam also nex week but I havent started studying. Good 2 know got gang coz i feel so guilty.

bing hung said...

xoxoxoxo for my lee;p blek

Dani-Elle said...

chris: hi-5

Bing Hung: not funny