Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Influenzaaa

Swine Influenza, the latest epidemic that everyone around the world are fearing. The press said that the way it spreads is faster than SARS. Hmm.. who could have thought about it. It spread around the world so fast that could be declare as emergency stage. (Go and find WHO for more details). School disclosure, Here, I was wondering there are so many people traveling to Mexico for holidays. Hmmm.... Ok, maybe Southern part of USA. Wow.. so far Europe countries had cases already but minor ones. Even Japan and Korea has it too. Luckily, people in Southeast Asia don't really travel to Mexico, perhaps the airtickets are expensive??? Haha... the weather there is hot too, shouldn't virus be destroyed when the weather is hot???

Media had taught us how to be precautios of swine flu. One of the ways caught me in surprised. Ok.. maybe that's the daily basis most of us do it which is non other that washing hands. Yea, washing hands regularly with soap or hot water to avoid the virus. Balance diet and healthy lifestyle. That is the most basic for prolonging our life. Haha... Do not contact those who are sick as in body contact. Wear mask. I wouldn't say avoid eating porks but avoid those porks from the origins which are USA and Mexico. Although, there are antiviral drugs but due to the demand that we have learned in economics, the price might soar till mad. Perhaps, WHO will provide those medicines. Yet, you still don't know the scarcity of it, just take care of yourself. Vaccine is still in the process. The Chinese herbalist had gave prescriptions of chinese medicine to ward off those viruses. *Raising eyebrows*

The symptoms that I found from the media was usual sickness like everyone is falling sick. Fever, sore throat, cough, diarrhea, vomitting, headache... you know what, it's like a whole package that the normal sickness that you have encounter before. They attacked all at one shot and you're there to suffer and dealing with it. Consult doctor alright? The facts stated that the virus is spread through airborne and it's usually human-to-human. Not direct contact with PORKS. To those who have a pork as a pet, it's a good news.

All in all let's be cautios about the virus at the time being. Cleanliness is essential at this time and all the while. When you sneeze or cough, please cover your mouth or stay away when anyone does that. You won't know if they just came back from the place *Kukarahca, aiya caramba* or USA.

Overall, just take care and avoid traveling to those countries which are affected especially Southern part of USA and Mexico. Let Southeast Asia be the survivors.. Haha... new epidemic happens all the time. Next epidemic... mind guessing?

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