Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Everything seems easy... NOT.

Can't get hold of these anymore. Burn those papers or to be eco- friendly, sell it to the old newspaper. Let's wish all those details are at each of my fingertips with effortless of storing them into those limited capacity of storage. What's the matter? Environment, peer pressure, lack of motivation, no determination???

Everything seems easy... NOT.

Let's all hold hands and stare at the bonfire (paperburningtotheextremethatcreatesbonfire). :D

o amor é grande com dor

Boa noite,
Com amor


Anonymous said...

What did you do?!?!?!?! you burnt those paper? gosh! that is SO bad for the environment... yih ying, yih ying... sigh...

Dani-Elle said...

u think i really do burn?? I wish I could. Haha... but it goes against my ethics.