Sunday, May 24, 2009

Me, myself and I

I haven't been updating my thoughts and words recently. Does anyone missed me?

I'm seeing evolutions everyday and it's kind of making me like a fool. I hate being a fool when I feel like I've being used. Being Punk'd is ok but being use is definitely a fool. It really pisses me of as people are taking things for granted just to get what they want. Well, that's something I have to get use to it instead of complaining as let's use the art of war. That's the REAL REAL world out there. University life is a step for all the students to uncover the true self and mask of every individual.

Now, I fully understand the meaning of 'Get close to your enemy' despite my reluctancy of 'shaking hands' with them. Sometimes, I wonder, why do people still being friendly to their rivals? I understand.

However, there's one thing particular I don't pretty understand is that when you talk bad things behind the one you truly find it obnoxious, then, you get pretty along with them quite well? Why is it so? Honestly, if it's me, I won't get along well with them and my usual temper would provoke debate and conflict. That's me. I can't afford to be hypocrites and that just sound so fake. I'll have to deal with my behavior later.

Now, I know my personality sounds bland and the moment I start talking, I drown people to sleep yet, it gets fun when I'm in an argument. It's not about low self esteem but it's the way I live with myself. Meanwhile, in a group I don't pretty standout that much which I tend to move away and go invisible. Hahaha... However, when it comes to one on one, you will see me going cuckoo. Finally, I know how to draw my very own line! Wee...

By the way, these days I'm lack of inspirations for more pictures but I won't give up.

Listening to Over My Head- The Fray

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