Monday, May 4, 2009


Oh shoots. Recently, Danielle had popped her own philosophies. A few, which is enough to gather some thoughts. I am quite unsure if it's true but it occurs to everyone else too.

Sometimes we need people around us to constantly remind us on our actions and behaviors when we can't define and portray ourselves anymore.

This is true. When we get carried away with our comfortable zone, we tend to change not for the good but for the bad as we want more. So, it's crucial for loved ones to remind us constantly and do say thank you for that reminder. It might hurts but it might change us for good.

Let the memories unearth itself when you're in sadness.

When you're sad, one thing lead to another. So, if you lead to the happiness, your mood switch and everything switch. The memories unearth itself for a positive side.

Ok.. only two.

Well, I discover another thing. The word 'Gal' (how I really don't like people to call me that in MSN).

That "Gal" does not sound good. Come on... Here is the history of the word.

The word Gal has been used since the 80s in Japan to describe a girl who likes trendy clothing. Ko Gal was first used in the 90s by the media to describe an eighth grader who made $4000 a month for paid dating with middle aged men.

Now, for guys, please use this word appropriately.


chris@dotagaki said...

totally agree with ur 1st philosophy :D U go girl...

Dani-Elle said...


love pen said...

wuuu im not gonna use gal ... haha ... u sure the story ar ? eeew... 90s 4 grand is like 8 grand now .. and times 3.5 for rm ... DAMN ... 28 k OMG i wan it plz plz plz...

Dani-Elle said...

Jon- u r crazy. what r u trying to talk?