Friday, May 22, 2009

Boleh Mati Cepat

Oh wow! The paper that I felt relieved after sitting it. It's nonetheless than BMC (Managerial Communication@Boleh Mati Cepat).

Honestly, I thought I could just answer them like *snap*, who knew it turn out far beyond my expectations. Those questions are just... RIDICULOUS. Ok.. maybe I'm not that flexible, obviously. Well, I had trouble of recalling back whatever I had memorized and at the same time, I was panic. Ugh.

Although I must thankfully that there are no definitions questions yet, it's still ridiculous. A long passage was given and they required us to answer whatever we have learn. Now, tell me... this is the case study and there are no hints given. Oh yes, the only hints given is formats for paper reports.

Let me briefly tell you this 'sweet' subject.

Throughout the semester, BMC is something that you'll enjoy the most for the coursework. Yes, only talking, presentation and one report to do. However, as you attend the lecture, you might find that it's irrelevant in your major yet this subject is counted in the GPA. Chapters that I find it even ridiculous was learning how to open a meeting, how to talk, how to listen, how to develop presentation slides and so on. Now, I know it's important that we'll be using it in the future but it's really way too much. Factors to be consider and so on. Why not teach us how to deal with bosses in an organization?

All my answers that I delivered inside the answer sheet was barely from whatever I have memorized (I have to endure painfully dizziness and headaches). I have turned all it into essays. English essays. Wow... something that I find it crap enough. It sucked. As I left from the venue, I can hear people complaining how irrelevant the paper is and how did they do it. I felt relieved at least, I'm not the only one which I initially thought I was and panic.

Previously, I had received tips from my friends and I had met my lecturer. My lecturer had given me tips too. Yet, I still don't know how to use it and I have to conclude that the tips=no tips. Before that, he gave me the 'padan muka' look for not attending the class (which was held at night and I had 2 consecutive night classes, I'm tired). He bragged that how wonderful the night class was and how students kept asking him about the questions. You win DR. At least, he gave me tips yet I'm still useless.

I don't know what to say and I was right after all for being selamba towards that subject. I'm not worried but panicked for it. Once reading the questions and I was stunned for half an hour. Believe me. 30 minutes of staring the questions, scolding myself. All I can hope for is my paper do not fail too badly and hopefully my essays does help. Haha...

To be honest, I don't really have much time to finish that subject but I have to blame myself for long procrastination and loitter around the house. Seriously, I thought how tough it can be? But I was wrong. Definite wrong. So people, take my words, study everything and they are equally important. I learned my lesson, use time preciously.

I shall pray everyday to my deity for blessing my CGPA to be maintain. I'll burn many incense for my deities. Okie... Get back for my last 2 papers. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

hey.. dont too stress. everything will be fine.. if u work hard,u will get what u pay..

Dani-Elle said...

dear anonymous, thank you and hopefully! =)