Monday, May 25, 2009

Wacko Jacko and Meiko

This song is just darn cute. Get the lyrics and those who are feeling doubtful and complicated (and you know what I mean), it's perfect for yo'll!

To Jacko's mania, can anyone tell me where to find the original music video for this song 'Dangerous'? I can't find it in YOUTUBE! Please pay attention to each details of his legs movement. Stunning, even his backup dancers boleh kalah sama dia. LOL. The video I'm about to present is Live in Munich and I guess his age is probably around 30 plus. Peh, even the young pun boleh kalah sama dia. He has the swiftest legs ever. Recently, the news announced that this pak cik is diagnosed with skin cancer. The day has come just like the day his nose came off. LOL! I love his dance steps, they are just breathtaking.

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