Thursday, May 28, 2009

May for cakes

This post is all about the Joy of May as May is my favorite month. :)

On the very D-Day from beloved family

Blueberry Cheesecake

Later, it's another D-Day from buddies and friends

Celebrated in McDonald and I was surprised that even the manager of that outlet came and celebrate with us. Plus, they even gave me a present with few cute plushy. Even manager is there to celebrate for me. I'm thankful for that surprise.

White Chocolate Cheese

Here comes the Mother's Day celebrations.

For Grandma

That little girl behind there is very cheeky. That's grandpa in shades.

Coconut Mousse Cake.
Very creamy and smooth.

Last but not least, cake for my mother.

Raspberry Cheese Cake.


Su Yi said...

i like that shirt you were wearing! and nice picture!

OMG, raspberry cheesecake. aha, what a coincidence, i was going to make a cheesecake today! harap2 jadi lah eh.. hehe.. =)

Dani-Elle said...

thanks. it's ur fave color. Green.

Ish... it taste good.