Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thanks to SL for a night

Oh... wonderful night. Thanks to SL... Great night. Scrumptious dinner. Beautiful Fireworks.

Stupidity repeats. The existence of camera phone did not exist in my mind. Argh.... Such advance technology seems to be useless when it is under my hand. Stupid.

Damn it. Leo's thoughts are such distraction that continuously drown the whole spirit. Damn you! haha... But I overcame it. He thought me how to leave things aside and life still goes on with a limit.


kaki lang said... problem no problem,you are most welcome.

hope the food suit your taste.

Dani-Elle said...

kaki lang ur head la... till here u also wan to play. ma de~ hahaha

shieh said...

yalah ... he drunk till now ... dun choi him.. siao d =)

Dani-Elle said...

Sudah biasa~ haha