Monday, May 18, 2009

Call me mad? think again.

So many thoughts had conquered my concentration which I failed to sit down and stay still quietly. I have to constantly disturb Genius and Cutie Lim just to get rid of those thoughts. Part of me is zombie in the day and vampire at the night. Part of me is ghostly at the day and human at the night. Part of my mind is half empty during the day, the other part is half full during the night. It is me.

This morning while I was searching for my sit number in the exam venue (glad that I was the very last person of the venue. Very last!) I passed by a friend's table and he greeted me mad girl. As usual, I have this habit of making mimic faces for responses. Well, I looked back at him and give him the look "I don't care". So much for a mad girl. Pfft. I don't even care. As long as I'm sane and is clear what I want, that's it. I smiled and walked towards my sit.

Honestly, I'm very conscious of what people think about me whether I should put my hair clip this way or should I sit properly. That was long time ago. Now, I don't care what they call me anymore as I knew myself better than they do.

I can't blame them for calling and labeling people as I do too. Besides, if they call names on me, I don't have the rights to stop them legally. It's their mouth and mind which leads them to those kind of acts. Let them be. The karma is watching all of us and waiting for it's time.

Anyways, I have this anticipating feeling but I'm clueless what am I going to anticipate?

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