Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A tedious day to begin my NEW SHORT semester

Apparently, today is the official day that I begin my classes for these extremely crazy short semester.

It's meant to be called the hectic and messy days as days are short to chase after the freaking deadlines and final exams. Despite all my complaints and whines, I still love to chase after the deadline through the last minute way. Well, you see... process is the most important and during the process, it's where the efforts count.

To begin, my tutorial classes had been changed unannounced. Thus, I have to go through the tedious routine of adding and withdrawing the freaking tutorial to smoothen the timetable's timeline. However, the system of subject registration manually had sped up and it's efficient. Kudos. This time around I had taken up the challenge with Nik by taking a hardcore subject, Mergers and Acquisitions. Tough subject? Amitabha. Our first assignment has been uploaded by our lecturer. I'm soon and about to love it.

Somehow, I find that today is really a chaotic day with all the unannounced of cancellation class (BFN) and sudden tutorial class (BRM). I've to take 3-4 trips from my house to the campus due to the sudden announcement and it ruined my routine. Exhausted. For goodness sake, our fate with Dr. Uche is still prolong. It's been the third semester we are bound to face him and so he was talking about his scary experience on Sushi.... <<<<bla bla bla.... his stomach irritation for freaking 6-7 hours after eating sushi..... RM 2 bonanza in Sushi King.... salmon, wasabi..... close and open of the boy's stomach for surgery.... always eat cooked food.... loves Sushi.... we are crazy if we love wasabi>>>> and these are the topics he had been talking in the tutorial class. Damn hilarious with the awkward mimics.

BIS class was just.. similar to my previous Business Information System subject, slightly deeper.

I love Meera's new hairstyle.
This nursery rhyme, 小白兔乖乖 , had been rounding my head ever since this morning and still going on.

Believe me, my mind is still hanging around somewhere else but here. I just couldn't believe that my time had passed just a glimpse. It's a hot and stuffy day. I tried to chill myself down and I did. So much description but where to begin?

I guess.... I'll let the time to prove everything. Just clueless where to start about.... EVERYTHING.

I hope I'm not lost and still in the correct path. Everyone is lost... I mean people around me.


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