Monday, October 26, 2009

Short summary of my HOLIDAYS

Holidays was... *you put it yourself*

Mine was KL trip that I was over ecstatic for the past two weeks. Pictures that worth thousand of words. By the way, Rachel has not send me the photos... Good pictures there and I mean it. Rach, Me and MINI.

Was in a Hotel somewhere in KL.

In the _I_I car! Lucky

I don't mean to offend the fans of Zac Efron (I still find him overrated and look is just so-so) but he's under the category of HORROR by a bookstore.

Fairlady Z that I mistaken as Bentley. Stupid me.

I saw 2 biawak from 11th floor of a condominium. Humongous.

If you're happy then you clap your hands.

Because of this darling, I've learnt to sing some nursery rhymes.

These are my favourites, there are more but I only chose my choice.

That alphabet song was hilarious when I see her sing. Adorable.

  1. Sports and exotic cars are everywhere on the road for 24/7.
  2. OLD TOWN Franchise is everywhere, similar to Starbucks in New York. * cannibalism*
  3. One of the dark alley in Bukit Bintang are notorious for hookers and whores.
  4. Storms are like tornado storms.
  5. There are restaurants and foods everywhere but to have a good food is hard to find.
How reluctant and sad for me to leave KL so soon and waving goodbye to them is extremely sad.

I was cleaning my room one day and I found my silly collections back when 2006's FIFA WORLD CUP and also 2004's EURO CUP. Those were back during high school.

My friends and I were so crazy about these prepaid cards that we kept asking around almost everyone and everyday. Yea, it was a fanatic collection to us that time. If you were to ask me if I would throw away and collect for the upcoming FIFA....

Nope, I'll pass it down to my brothers and yes, I'll collect them again to collect dust.

Again, effing scare for the day.

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