Friday, October 9, 2009

Eeks.. tell me, will you still date them?

Officially on holidays (mind was on holidays days ago, damn!) which leaves me to rot at home forming spider webs. I've got few plans to make full use of my holidays before I regret.

Turn my junks into golds

Blog browsing

Must try Maggie Mee + Mayonnaise

Play more games to activate my half malfunction brains

Learn to be resourceful

Dreaming of money

Watch movies again and again

Going up to KL and have fun

Any better ideas?

During the evening, I was driving back home and my ears begin to sore and the pain is so excruciating pain. The pain is so brutal till my tears flow down. Flashbacks occur and I was beginning to flashbacking about words that describing myself from the past experience. Arrogance. Ignorance. Mad and so on.

Last night, I was chatting with my friend and along the way, I realized that I'm a typical Taurus. I'm proud of it.

Shit bore. Now, after all the chaotic exams are over, I'm feeling aimless and helpless. Tell me what to do right now. I'm too exhausted to find new websites. I'm currently so stuck between FB's game and my beloved blog. Ooops.

What's with the reciprocal of my cravings???? I can't have it and I was dreaming of it last night. Even today's TV is demonstrating it. It's my lemon meringue pie that's reminding me to eat it. I failed to have it and I've planned it long long time ago.

*Sigh* I'm beginning to miss my coursemates. My ultimate adrenaline rush source.

Thou shall stop spouting for the moment. Let me give you guys some pictures of ... you decide.

Look at all these fresh faces back when...

Richard Gere

David Hasslehoff

Dennis Quaid

Jean Claude Van Damme

Matt Dillon

Alec Baldwin

Al Pacino (Godfather 1)

Ok. Back when 80s the phenomena was like how people these days go va va voom over Robert Pattinson and Zac Effron. I must say Al Pacino looks the best among the rest although he's belong to 70s. He looks like someone I knew but couldn't recall. Alec Baldwin ain't that bad but wait till you scroll down. Then, you decide if you still want to date them now. Haha...

Now, they are not fresh faces anymore... ripe faces

Richard Gere

David Hasslehoff

Dennis Quaid

Jean Claude Van Damme

Kevin Costner

Matt Dillon

Alec Baldwin

Al Pacino

The aging really sucks. Wrinkles starting to form as the number for age gets larger. Six packs degraded to one pack. Signs of baldness. Shakespeare wrote in the Sonnet 18 where the beauty don't last long. Indeed. So, Al Pacino was the one I rooted for and look at him now. Eeeks.... All of these guys are old. Haha... But, Matt Dillon's pretty face shows not much sign of aging.


James Dean. Then.

James Dean. Now.

James Dean died at an early age. He has the looks and talents. Hence, with the technology, people did a photoshop of him when he's still alive till this era. Haha...

Ladies that still look fabulous as the age goes

Cate Blanchett

Drew Barrymore

Demi Moore

Cameron Diaz

Kate Winslet

You see, all these ladies are wonderful and beautiful people with beautiful soul. Angelina Jolie wasn't there because she's overrated and those who knew me well, I hate overrating stuff.

Oh well, the neck and ear immense pain is bulking. Need to sleep. Night yo.

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