Monday, October 5, 2009

Expect the Unexpected from Men Style

Something I would like to share with the MEN.

I went to Men Style by accidentally. Let me present you, The 50 Most Stylish Men. Erm.. not all but some notable men I know but before that, let's see the who top the 3 places?

1. Marcello Mastroianni

A white French-cuff shirt makes the gentleman. But be sure to keep the cuff links simple—the boldness of the cuffs makes enough of a statement.

2. Steve McQueen

The simpler the better. You don’t need bold patterns or loud colors to make a style statement. A perfect-fitting T-shirt and a great pair of black wraparound shades will do just fine.

3. David Bailey

The white tank-top T-shirt will never lose its cool. Every man goes through his phase of wearing one.

That's the top 3. Now, let's see whose in the list of 50???

David Bowie

The skinnier the tie, the louder the (style) performance. And isn’t it funny how what looked sharp forty years ago still looks sharp today?

Elvis Presley

A knit tie will never go out of style. The Beatles wore them when they got off the plane at JFK (black ones, with square-cut bottoms), and you can still buy any number of versions today.

George Clooney

Go gray. Just be sure to keep your hair on the trim side and dress like a gentleman—not a frat boy. You’re no longer in college.

Muhammad Ali

Wear a slim dark suit, white shirt, and dark tie, and you’ll look like a champ. That’s really all you need to know. It’s that simple.

Björn Borg

Long hair works best when it’s loose and easy. You don’t want a coif or a do—you are not a member of Poison or Warrant.

Yves Saint Lauren

Find a signature item and stick with it. Saint-Laurent wore a version of these bold glasses throughout his career.

Johnny Depp

A tweak here and there can elevate even the simplest outfits.Notice the rolled-up sleeves, the neckpiece, the beat-up boots instead of sneakers. Small moves like these separate you from the pack.

Kurt Cobain

Beat-up jeans are America’s gift to the world of style. Not that we’re saying wear torn-and-frayed denim to the office, but it’s hard to go wrong wearing it when you’re off the clock.

Kennedy Brothers

Tweed jackets carry that Kennedy pedigree, but they look great on everyone. Just pick your

favorite one and wear it your way—with khakis, with jeans, with a polo shirt, with a V-neck


Sean Connery

The little things make the man. Notice the cufflinks and the pocket square. But also notice that

they’re subdued—white handkerchief, understated links. And the suit, shirt, and tie are also

subtle. Look chic, not like a mobster.

Woody Allen

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Allen has spent a lifetime embracing his oddness, and

women have spent a lifetime embracing him.

Al Pacino

A black leather jacket is versatile. Try one with suit pants, or even a white dress shirt and a

dark slim tie.

Marlon Brando

Suit your shape. If you have strong, broad shoulders, you don’t need a heavily padded suit to

accentuate them.

Andre 3000

Find your inner dandy and let him loose. Getting dressed should be fun, not stressful.

The Ramones

A Leather biker jacket should be snug and trim. Buy one a size smaller than you normally

would and you’ll look like a rock star. Trust us.

Michael Jordan

A bald head is always better than a balding head. Jordan taught us this, and everyone from

Bruce Willis to Mark Messier has proved it so.

Jack Nicholson

A denim shirt is brilliantly, unimpeachably American. And just like a pair of jeans, it gets better

the more you wear it

Rolling Stones (Mick and Keith)

It’s called attitude. Nothing finishes off an outfit better than a sharp dose of confidence. How else

do grown men get away with wearing silk scarves and ruffled shirts?

Alain Delon

Dress for the occasion. When you’re vacationing in the south of Italy in the middle of summer,

it’s okay to undo an extra button.

Pete Doherty

Just because you’re wearing a suit doesn’t mean you can’t wear boots. But we’re not talking

businessman suits—we’re talking slim-cut, rock-guy getups.

Click the link if you're curious. Good pictures by the way.

Expect the unexpected.