Friday, October 2, 2009

Playlist from my playlists

I so wanna karaoke freestyle without microphones. Anywhere will do especially in the car.

My funeral song: Touch The Sky- Kanye West

My graduation song: Stab My Back- All American Rejects

My wedding song: ....

My proposal song: Look After You- The Fray

My all time song: Neon- John Mayer

My alarm song: Make It Mine- Jason Mraz

My feel good song: Make It Mine- Jason Mraz

When I dump: Blind- Lifehouse, Shut Up and Let me go- The Tings Tings

When in courtship (guys should sing this to girls)- Can't Help Falling In Love- Elvis Presley

Animal mating song- Love Lockdown- Kanye West

My emotional song- Here With Me- Dido and December Baby- Ingrid Michaelson

The make me feel sexy song- Your Body Is Wonderland- John Mayer

The sarcastic song- Ironic- Alanis Morrisette

To those who loves me and hates me- Love me or Hate me- Lady Sovereign

The failed first date song- Wrong Impression- Natalie Imbruglia

The hater is the lover song- Jaded- Aerosmith

The miss you desperately so much song- I just called to say I love you- Stevie Wonder

The paranoid song- Papercut- Linkin Park

The betrayal song- In the End- Linkin Park

The love is blind song- Anyone else but you- The Moldy Peaches

The falling in love to wrong person- Reasons to love you- Meiko

My favourite color song- Dark Blue- Jack's Mannequin

The internet love- Digital Love- Daft Punk

When you can't forget your ex- You remind me- Usher

The hope song- Waiting for the world to change- John Mayer

I want to breakup song- It's Over- John Legend

Waiting for the traffic lights- Greenlight- John Legend feat. Andre 3000

Women with plots- Dangerous- Michael Jackson

Struggle to be alive- Staying Alive- Bee Gees

The ultimate weekend song- Night Fever- Bee Gees

Let's get wild- Off the wall- Michael Jackson

The zombie dance song- Thriller- Michael Jackson

The boom boom pow songs- Energy Never Dies- Black Eyed Peas album

Let's not discriminate song- Black and White- Michael Jackson

Seriously, I just want to slack before I head to my fort