Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pets that are way too impossible

I've got three journals that need to be scheme and scan through for my assignment, summarize those 3 assignments into one page. Obviously, you can see me blogging and not doing the work. It's due by next week and it's not easy to do those donkey jobs.

Oh well, let me satisfy my needs of procrastination before I head to serious work. *yeah right*. Before that, I was reading some National Geographic magazines, which I really love to stare and appreciate the photographers' artwork. Mesmerizing. Most of the articles that I really read was about cultures and animals.

Animals huh... I never rare a pet before except for the digital ones, not counted. Hence, I made myself a list of my wanted pets.

1. Polar bear

They can be 9ft tall and weighing 1000kg for a warm blooded animal surviving in the icy continent. Nonetheless, don't be fool by their sharp fangs and ferocious sounds but they are gentle animal.

2. Humpback whale

If only I own a big big big aquarium just like the vast sea. Though they don't have cute features but they are indeed a mysterious largest mammal living in the sea. The sound they produce is serene.

3. Harp seal

Another adorable animal living in the icy world, their black eyes make me drop my knees. Surprisingly, their population had increased after the Canada's government had strictly outlaw seal hunting. After all, they are too adorable to be your fur coat.

4. Panda

China's animal and they are rare species. Plus, their birthrate has dropped after the Sichuan Earthquake last year, 12/5/2008. I always mistaken their big black spots on their head as their eyes.

5. Ok, this one is realistic pet compared to the previous four. It's easy to breed and smaller than others. Besides, it's my favourite pet and I don't really like dogs. CATS. They always portray themselves as mystery.

There, am I happy now???? Nope, because I want to sleep.

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