Monday, October 5, 2009

My past mid autumn festival which I still don't understand the fun of playing with candles

I wasn't upset nor glad for what I've written in my answer sheets. But, I was frustrated over my memory department up in the holy brain. "I've read this before and I memorized it, what the fuck??? I couldn't recall". That's my condition in there.

After the paper, I skipped and hopped for no reason till I reach my car. Really sick frustrating.

Oh... Apparently, Saturday night I went to gramp's house for celebration. Moon cake Festival with potluck dinner. All I can say is I had fun with kids and adults except I didn't go around the area with a lantern. It was a drizzling day. Dowh.. I only helped those kids to lit the candles which I couldn't find the fun part asides from watching the candle to melt.

Apart from eating the *expensive like hell* mooncake, I could only remember eating my aunt's fried chicken and Coco feeding me numerous pieces of mooncake and pizzas???

The candle fun which I still don't understand

Kids these days don't understand the meaning of dangerous

Lit the candles... control macho

And so I made these brats to take pics with me.

My attempt to kiss COCO

Wen, Me and Coco... I can't help but to keep repeating the pose. Haha

Genius Lim's attempting to pose like lala

See lar.. my cousin can't bare to look at his face.

Even with grandma... haha

His father claimed he's the God of Gambler. Only the back can be taken. LOL.

I cheated two road accidents today. *Phew*

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