Monday, October 12, 2009

Oooh... too many FML in this post but I love my life!

Last night, I was blog hunting and browsing and I found Singapore kia's blog. Rich spoiled brat's blog that whines about their fucking boring life which all they ever did was clubbing, partying and boozing. They are all still in their high school. Whiners. Rich spoiled brats. I love my life you whiners!

I went to buy my bus ticket to KL today. Hours later, dad informed that he's going to KL on Wednesday too. FML. At least, I got back half of my full refund.
I went to ZEN today too. I stood in front of the food display and realized I'm still full. After all, I only had one fold of tuna salad paratha for lunch. FML. My lemon meringue pie.

I'm beginning to love the new game 'Little Big Planet' that my brother just bought. It won the game of the year award. Cute and very community game. Every location of the world has different genre of song. Me love it. Rag doll.
I intend to do a photoshoot with my wardrobe later but I'm too tired to do so despite all the cleaning and driving. I want to watch some movies.

This morning's 'final's aftermath cleaning' shook me. I've got so many junks in the cupboard and reluctant to throw them, sentimental value. I've been collecting junks since primary school. Now, I am trying to turn them to gold. My beloved friends, my next birthday, I would like to advise you people, Don't get me presents with fancy wrappers or birthday card or 'for decoration' present. I'm a typical Taurus. Please get me something realistic... like MONEY. Too much stuff in the cupboard. :D

The whole family received a bad and mundane news. Our very last granduncle had passed away today. Condolences to his family. All his good deeds shall be remembered. RIP.

Few days ago, I saw a duplicative look of another person that I knew. From there onwards, I begun to encounter sweet nightmares. LOL.

I'm feeling lazy recently and all I ever want to do is just sit down and have fun. Ugh!

I want to smooch Al Pacino during his younger days. What the fuck.

I need to read books, I'm sensing that my vocabulary is deteriorating. Boo hoo!

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