Friday, October 2, 2009

Bye Bye BET

There goes another paper that ends up with.. a big BIG smile on the pathetic face I own. I wasn't smiling for confidence but I was smiling for foolishness. Sadly, what's been done has been done so move on. Alright, let's throw the negative chi away!

This song is dedicated to Nik (she requested). Sugar Ray- Boardwalk. Karaoke in the car with Nik has sore my throat! Best Summer Song! Geez, the radio has played twice of Lady Gaga- Nothing else I can say. Nik's current favourite song.

An hour after the paper, I was dragged by Nik and Meera to Secret Recipe for healing lunch. Chit chatting, spouting and bullshitting (me) was what we did. Well, comforting and sobbing for ourselves onto the aftermath.

The other day, I read a story for Genius and Cutie Lim... I've the ability to read Chinese... ability???

So, I read them this beautiful book, illustration story on two strangers that reside in the same apartment but has never met each other.

It's called A Chance Of Sunshine. For direct Chinese translation, Turn Left, Turn Right. There was a movie on this story as well. Still, nothing beats the book.

This beautiful artwork is publish by an artist, Jimmy. I adore his work ever since my secondary school. When his work was first published in the bookstores, they are costly like hell. Ok, back then, the money value to me was high. In the end, I can only stare at the display area with a despair look... and thus, I bought his book two years ago. Only this one. There are more of his work and I couldn't wait to save my money to buy the whole collection. Fortunately, those books can be cheaply affordable now. His drawings and illustrations are wonderful and meaningful.

There's so many things I want to own it. I'm the girl that wanted the whole world.

Fuck, my self esteem seems to be low now!

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