Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tastebud curiosity

I had just finished to pick up those negative chi and it provoked me again. I just cleared my thoughts to go on with my aimless days but they just have to provoke me. I'm so helpless where I can't defense myself.

Within these 24 hours, I managed to download games' songs such as Megaman X5 and X6 and also Tomb Raider Anniversary theme song. Those are totally awesome music that brought back my memories especially the Megaman series. I was struggling to pass each stage and determined to get a 'S' rank. In the end, I didn't make it because I was too lazy to get the 'S'.

I'm wondering if my taste buds can take the eeky Maggie mee + Mayonnaise= ?
Just like in the movie, I wonder how does it gonna taste like.
Previously, I've tried

Fries + Chocolate Sundae= Marvelous
Fruit Vinegar + Soups= Heart warming
Raw Egg + Milo= Yuck

Maggie Mee + Mayonnaise= Taste like how ar?


...Yee Lin... said...

LoL..maggie mee + mayonnaise?
I don't think it tastes nice.
Well, pls tell me how it tastes like if u've tried it yea?


Dani- Elle said...

yeah sure! LOL