Thursday, October 29, 2009

My fun TSUNAMI dream

Just want to post something for goodness sake.

I find Beyonce's Sweet Dream is really electrifying and ecstatic.

Due to this song, I dreamed about tsunami yesterday night. Believe me, the dream comes with proper sound effect of the gigantic waves and eerie scream of humans. But, I remembered vividly that the color of the sea is magnifying navy blue + sky blue... BEAUTIFUL. Death tolls in the dream... sorry, I didn't count them. I was standing somewhere high in a hotel building. All this sound effects was really good... in my dreams and in my room with no speakers or whatsoever to produce sound. For once, I loved this dream as my beautiful blue color struck my eye... after the waves hit the shores, the sea water remained blue which is unusual. Blue all the way. I can't believe my eyes.

That moment (waves hit the shores), was panicked and worried. I can only remember few peoples in the dream or maybe none. Anyways, it was an adventurous dream with the sound effect. Go to this website to listen to the real tsunami waves sound. TSUNAMI. Be sure to scroll down to number 3. Then, put it on very loud. Eerie or not, you decide but it's awesome.

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