Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My random communications

Holy cow! This is my first time having such ON-OFF headaches. I can feel my blood is clotting around the brain stem and the rest of the parts are screaming for frigging O2. Freaking scary.

Last night:

I was chatting with my friend whose flight got DELAYED for one freaking day. My friend said thanks to AAsia, Everyone can Fly.... With Delay. Haha...

So we chatted about some fucker and porno. Yeah, the habits of watching porno. No doubt. LOL.

Nik sms-ed me, telling me to come back earlier from my KL trip. Miss you to the max.

I told Rachel that Shah Rukh Khan is a pretty boy who received Datuk-ship by coming down to Melaka for movie- shooting. What about the casts of 'Little Nyonya'? Racist.

I received a SMS from a friend. 'LOL, I nearly died in a river.' Very optimistic.

Argh, I haven't pack my bags and I might be going to Tangkak later. So little time for my LBP.

My bro didn't know his semester had begun YESTERDAY and he's still wondering why there are people in the campus TODAY. Hahaha...

Eeeks. Gotta go for packing bags. I procrastinate for too too long. I'm going to play LBP later. Weee...

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