Monday, September 21, 2009

This is the Morning post before I left for Meera's open house

Yesterday was the day I had so much of junk food instead of proper meal.

Let's begin with the Open House by Ali Rustam, chief minister. It was a last minute decision to drop by the Open House and it's our way to Tangkak. We were curious with the way the open house held by orang- orang besar. It's proud to see other races were there to enjoy raya too.

Apart from shaking hands with 'big people', angpow was given away as well. Nothing much to describe but I still do think the Brunei Sultan's Open House is still the best. I was ecstatic for a short while after the hosts sang Chinese folk song. I saw Scouts to clean the place... Hmmm...

Journey continues to Grandma's house.

Kelly is back and more junk foods. Seriously, each time we drove back to Gramp's house, we just didn't know what to do. My case is I will find a kid to play and bully or stare at the ceiling of the house. Yet, I still love going there. Wasting my time doing nothing is what I do best.

Fortunately, my uncle had cooked dinner for us and I'm so blessed with his generosity. Two bowls of bird nest. How are you gonna beat that?

XX couldn't recognized me. She cried dowh!

New activity recommended by my uncle: Bat Catching. FUN.

Yea lar, I'm too lazy to put down my descriptions. Plus, I'm going for outing AGAIN. Friend's open house. Food AGAIN.

On the other side, I'm yelling once again, in the heart. Worried shit.

Let's hope I can receive pictures from Nik on Meera's open house.

By the way, Yoshito Usui has found dead. No more Shin Chan. :(