Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soon-to-be optimist

How do you feel when everything is so tense up and one massive 'bomb' is making it even tension and probably worst?

I'll swear and curse till I'm chill which is what I usually do. Not till yesterday, I sat down and stared where a song played non stop in brain. 'Slow Dancing in the Burning Room'- John Mayer. Surprise, surprise, I didn't swear and curse, maybe one word only, but I just sat down and sort my thoughts and alternative plans in proper to overcome my frustration, anger and irritability.

Now, I'm beginning to get the point, 'What had been done in the past had been done, so it's best to conserve the energy for upcoming stuff'. Hmmm.. ya, I did. I didn't throw my tantrums anymore but with the zen in the air. So, I say 'Chill' repeatedly. Yea, soon-to-be-optimist.

Guess, what I found in the news today!

Sesame Street had won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Emmy Awards. Gosh, it made me so proud. Despite their rivals (which I think) between Barney the Purple 'Imaginary' Dinosaur, frigging Teletubbies (seriously, Chucky from Child's Play is way much better) and so much more. Nonetheless, I stay loyal to Sesame Street, my all time favourite show. Occasionally, I still do watch Sesame Street on TV, alphabets and numbers with surprises.

These days, I have been watching lots of cartoons and I'm beginning to love Ben 10 the series. Initially, I hated Ben 10 as it's overrated but it's cool somehow although there are violent elements in the cartoon. I still watch cartoons... X- Men (classic) that used to air in FoxKids, my current passion. Till then, those are my distresses.

Oh.. I had decorated my blog's layout if you notice*. This layout.. well, it's me somehow. Pink and over floral decorations are no no to me. Ewww.

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