Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love Lockdown Loser

Scrolling down my blog, that's when I realized that I blog too rapid. I bet there are some readers didn't manage to see what I spout these days. Perhaps, busy is what keeps us being ignorant??

From today onwards, I'll blog what's important and the highlights which means less spouting. Can I do it? Nah, I still really feel spouting is the necessity to keep me going.

So, guess what I've found from Kelly's phone? She had this song that I long looking for and she had it. Bingo! I love this song a lot... the song reflect my inner self. It's from the movie...... guess..... (you guys can never guess)..... Fly Me To Polaris or Xing Yuan. Very good love story and tragic ending. No happy ending but you might learn how to appreciate and live life.

Then, I stumble upon videos of Kanye West and I got addicted. Love Lockdown. It has the African elements and the drum beats as well. But, Patrick Stump from FOB did a cover which I think it's incredible.

Another song that get me high... Shakira's She Wolf. Damn, she rocks each time! Never fail after her Hips Don't Lie from the FIFA World Cup version. Makes me want to turn hype!


Aaarghhhh, this morning I wasted my time sleeping and dreaming at the carrel in the library. The place I sat is getting stuffy and hot, such a discouragement for me to study. Minutes later, I felt so emo and just want to bang my fucking head on to the wall. At the end of the day, I came home feeling like a loser. Gawd... what's with my dramatic emotions these days? One minute, you see me hype and high. Next minute, you see me sitting at the dark corner sobering. I know I'm missing someone. Damn it!

Meanwhile, enjoy the songs!

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