Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I wanted the whole world so much

Time's over and I need to wish my Cutie Lim, Happy Belated Birthday!

Sorry for such late post due to your addiction in Quake Live and your refusal for allowing me to use the computer.

Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry, your presents are too tough to fulfill. Little Big Planet... in 10 years time. You've got your Black Forest and KFC dowh!!!

I wanted the whole world but the world doesn't wants me.

I was so fatigue and my face was so frigging pale, I blame my gluttony for making it pain in the tummy.

Me: (telling jokes to Genius and Cutie)... finish telling joke

Cricket sounds

Me: (shirking them to give me an applause and appraisal) Oi, laugh lar...

Genius and Cutie: (gave me one pathetic look) I forgot to laugh.

May God bless my slow progression upon finals. *crossing fingers*

Dad spotted me in a shopping complex. Eeekss... when and where?

Where will I be in ten years time? My gluttony is unleashing itself again.

I think I'm a dyslexic learner. When the time comes, that's when I realized and understood. Too late.

You give me an object, I will tell you how fun you can have with that particular object.

Need a rehab on procrastination.

If you ask me where do I want to go, I can give you one longggg list of my desire places.

Life like this.

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